Sunday, January 27, 2013

I hate Girl Scout Cookies

Oh, I wish that were true. But the truth is I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE themmmmmmmmm!!!! Like a lot. And when I got home from work today I see that my lovely mother has bought LIKE FIVE BOXES OF COOKIES from the neighbor kid. "I felt bad because last year I told her I would buy some and I never did and bla bla bla bla bla...." 

I had one. Then I had 2 more. Did you know they're two freaking WW points a piece!? 

Looks like I'll be going to the gym tonight. My shins actually do feel better--not completely, but better than they did. Right now I'm being a bump on a log, watching the Biggest Loser. Ironic, isn't it? But I have been at work all day...and I'm not sure you know this but on the weekends I work at a different office from usual, and I have to stand the entire time. Ok I'll admit, when I don't have a reservation for like three hours, I'll go sit on a couch and read my book for a while, but for the most part I'm standing. So more than anything when I get home, all I want to do is sit on the couch. And it's cold out so cuddling with my puppy seems really fun. 

Anyway, I have to say I am getting very inspired by the Biggest Loser. I've never really gotten into it, but for some reason I feel like I have to watch it now. It is, however, extremely annoying to see these fools dropping 15 pounds in a week, while I'm over here not losing a damn thing in a whole week. I guess I'm also not locked up on a ranch without any tempting foods, with a tiny crazy lady screaming in my face for an entire 3 or 4 hour workout every day. And I don't have a bunch of money on the line. But still. 

In other news, one of my dear friends Samantha and I are going to have a little contest over the next two months. We're both trying to get fit and need to keep each other motivated, so even though we now live on exact opposite sides of the country, we can now do that. Here's how it's gonna work: 

  • Every day you track everything you eat on WW=5 pts
  • 30 minutes of cardio=5 pts
  • Any toning exercise=2 pts each 
  • Cooking a meal from scratch=2 pt (leftovers don't count)
  • Every pound lost (weekly)=1 pt
Every day we'll text our totals to each other and try to send pictures and such, and after 2 months, on March 28th, the winner gets to pick something on Etsy the other has to buy for them. I'm thinking I want a monogrammed hat. Or a monogrammed pocket tee. Thanks, pinterest. 

Samantha and I met under very strange circumstances, and a lot of people don't understand how we're friends, but she's awesome. And I'm glad she's in my life. Even if we probably won't see each other for a lonnnnng time. 

This is from over a year ago, but we both look purdy good, no? 
Alright fools, Biggest Loser is almost over (btw, I like Danni and Pam so far), and once it's done I'm going to the gym. Promise. 

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