Monday, November 4, 2013

God, grant me the serenity...

Hey hey hey fools. Happy Monday?

Well, the GMAT did not go as I had planned/hoped. You get your unofficial score back right away, but the official one will come in a couple weeks with my essay grade. The math was not at all like the Princeton Review book or Kaplan flashcards had prepared me for. Call me stupid but when two of the biggest test-prep companies in the business barely touch on functions in their math sections and instead focus on EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF, I didn't worry too much about functions, which I was never good at in calculus. Well, whaddya know, 75% of the questions I got were functions. It's computer adaptive, so the more function problems I got wrong, the more they gave me, and I blew it. There's no two ways about it.

On the flipside, I scored in the 85th percentile on the integrated reasoning section, which ironically is a combination of math that you have to perform after analyzing multiple graphs, tables, charts, etc. and critical thinking. So clearly I'm not an idiot when it comes to math, I just didn't study functions and shot myself in the foot.

The english section was fine. I scored average.

So, the combination of my way-above-average integrated reasoning score, my average english score, and my below-average math score rounded me out right at an average, nothing great score. I'm fucking pissed, to say the least. Sorry, but it's the truth.

And no, I'm not taking it again unless it comes to that, because it costs $250.00, and I'm about to have to spend $50-$100 per school on applications.

My gameplan now is to only apply to the two schools that I think may be attainable with that score, Nebraska and Arizona State, for summer start online. If I get rejected by both, I will re-take the GMAT. If I get into one (or both, by the grace of God), I'll just call it a day and enroll.

Sorry for the novel, I just had to get that off my chest. Nobody seems to fully grasp why I'm so upset, and I'm sick of having to explain to people it's not a pass-or-fail test, it's not realistic to plan on "just taking it again," and that I got my score right away and know for a fact I did not do well. And also, I do just want to let y'all know that while I complained about having no motivation to study in this post, I studied my ass off. In fact, I studied for 2 months. While my motivation may have been lacking in the last week before the test, I did still study, and I feel like I prepared for it as best as I knew how.

Needless to say, this is my mantra right now:

Onto other things.

This weekend was one of my best friend's birthday celebrations. We just went downtown on Friday night, and I DD'ed because I had to take that mother-effing test the next day.

Blowjob shot.

It was a fun night, and the birthday girl got DOWN. Which is always a good thing. And she didn't get kicked out of anywhere, which is a victory over last year :)

I love that girl.

So, y'all are going to be so proud of me. Ready for this? I woke up this morning earlier than I needed to (per the usual), and instead of laying in bed and watching shows I don't even like on TV...........I WENT RUNNING!!!!

Now, considering the last time I ran was maybe in June or July, I was fully expecting this to be more of a jalk. Or a wog. Whichever you prefer. But much to my surprise, I very slowly ran most of the entire thing. I stopped to adjust my headphones (which I got at biglots and hate) and during a Pandora commercial break, because I just can't run without music. Not too shabby!

Let this be the beginning of a new chapter.

Anyhoo, that's all I got. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Sorry your test didn't go like you had hoped :(

    I vote ASU! Are you applying WP or the regular MBA program?

    Good job on the run! That's awesome after a long break