Monday, November 11, 2013

Click here to see the cutest puppy ever.

Happy Veteran's Day, everyone!!! 

I hope everyone takes a minute out of their day to reflect on the sacrifices the men and women of our military and their families have made and continue to make every day. As a girl with almost every family member having served or still serving, today's a special day.

Speaking of the veterans in my life, I last-minute decided to go visit Chris this weekend in Central California, where he's now stationed. Drove up Friday after work and got there around 2AM, and had to leave yesterday at 345AM to get to work by 8...yeah, it was that last-minute! But it was a good visit. He also has a new puppy that I. Am. Obsessed. With.

Ladies (and maybe gentlemen?), meet GM2, AKA Gunner:

That belly!!!

Yep, he's pretty much the most adorable little shithead of all time. He's still got puppy breath. And he'll fall asleep anytime, anywhere. Including when his dad is holding him up in the air.

Anyway, that's about the gist of my weekend, everyone. Nothing too crazy. Hope y'all had wonderful weekends too, and if you have today off from work, I hope you're still enjoying it!

Again, please take some time to say thank you to a United States Veteran today.

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  1. Oh em gee, the puppy!!! I have three dogs now, but I don't see how another one could hurt?! I need a puppy stat! :) ♥