Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I may be the only person in the world who hates being home sick.

Well, I woke up Monday morning feeling like my brain had swelled twice its normal size (if only that were true because it's full of knowledge for the GMAT...). My sinuses and everything else in my head was stuffed up, and my dry cough I had all last week turned into hacking up nasty gunk. I called in sick to work and sat on the couch all day, doing nothing. Luckily it was gloomy and rainy all day so I didn't feel like I was missing out on too much, but I just hate sitting on the couch all day. I feel like such a failure. Especially because I wanted to get up before work and go running.

Today, I felt a little better when I woke up but I forgot to bring sudafed to work with me, so after about an hour I could barely breathe. My manager told me to go home and go see my doctor. Sure enough, I have bronchitis. Also, because I have a deviated septum, my sinuses are a constant issue so when I get sick they just flare up automatically. So she gave me nasal spray to help with the inflammation.

Either way, I'm taking tomorrow off too. Wanna know what I SHOULD use this time to be doing? STUDYING FOR THE EFFING GMAT THAT I TAKE ON SATURDAY.

But I don't wannnaaaaaaa. I just don't have the motivation. But I need to suck it up. qialkjdlaijroiwjiwelkdjskdfmNCKJNCjsdknfsjdhf;jdhfskahf;jdhnckjsnjkdvnsF

Yep. ^^^That's how I feel.

Anyway. That's all for now. I probably won't update again until Monday. Please send prayers/good vibes my way for the GMAT on Saturday. I have one shot, because I sure as hell don't have $250 to re-take it if I don't like my score.

Goodnight, fools (even though you're probably reading this on Wednesday morning).


  1. Ughh, feel better girl... your body needs rest to feel better so use this time to take care of yourself! And study, of course... but ughh, I know that doesn't sound like much fun! Good luck on the GMAT!!

  2. Feel better and good luck with the GMAT!! Being sick definitely makes it difficult to have motivation to do anything...especially something terrible like GMAT prep...

  3. Hope the test went well! How soon will you be able to find out your results?