Monday, October 28, 2013

Didya miss me?

Hey fools! I'm baaaaaaaack from my unexpected, unplanned hiatus. So sorry about that. Everything is fine in my life, trust me. Yes, I've had to reevaluate a friendship or two in the last few weeks since I've posted on here, but nothing to cry over, that's for sure. I just needed a mental break, and with it decided to give le old blog here a makeover. What do y'all think of the new look?? BTW, you can now email me. It's one of the social media icons on the left.

Anyhoo. I guess I'll do a wee little recap of my fab 23rd birthday. My amazing momma rented a 15 passenger van that carted us around to five a few wineries...

Aren't my best friends just the prettiest?

Nice and drunk at this point :) 

It was a wonderful birthday. I'm truly blessed to have such a great group of girlfriends here. I only wish my best friends from Memphis could have somehow been here. But I'll be going back there for a wedding in the new year, so YAY!

So that was pretty much the gist of my birthday. I'm sure if you follow me on IG you already saw those anyway. 

Another update: I'm officially working the noon to 8:30 PM shift at work, and I've decided to cancel my gym membership. I don't love going, I haven't been in over a month, and I really want to start running again. It's something I love and hate to do, and it's one of the best workouts you can get anyway. So I'll be running before work in the mornings, and hopefully getting my blog posts up then too, since all you non-west-coasters are already done blogging by the time I even get to work nowadays. 

One other thing I wanted to share in this post was what I did last night. My friend Cassandra is a crafting queen, and she's been wanting to start a craft night once a month. So last night we had a pumpkin craft night/puppy playdate. Didn't Winnie just look adorable?

Lookin' good in Martha Stewart. 
I LOATHE carving pumpkins. It's messy and it never turns out the way I envision it. So I decided to paint mine. 

First of all, it definitely took me about 10 minutes to decide on a friggen pumpkin at Trader Joe's. Call me vain. Whatever. 

I thought painting a chevron pattern would be easy, but it was A BITCH. It took 5 tries before I wound up just throwing the tape on and carving out the pattern basically with a pair of scissors (which would have been a lot safer with a box-cutter. Whatevs.). Here's the steps to my final product: 

It was much more difficult than I thought it would be, but the acrylic paint dried fast and that made me happy. Then I found some rhinestones and got in touch with my former sorority girl and put my monogram on it. And a burlap bow to top it off. I like it :) 

Alright people. Thanks for stickin' around, and I'm really looking forward to this next chapter of my life and this blog. 

Love y'all!

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