Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend recap a day late, oops!

Happy Tuesday, fools! This weekend was soooooo awesome. I did make those cloud cookies on Friday night, and they turned out super delicious but they looked kinda weird...

According to Chris, they look like poop. Thanks.

The vanilla extract is what turned it the shade of light brown (in the recipe pictures it was pretty white), but I followed it exactly so, who knows. They tasted delicious though. But...I forgot them when I left to go to the picnic yesterday. Oopsies! But I'm glad I did, which I'll explain in a minute.

Saturday was, as you all know, Keith Urban/Little Big Town/Dustin Lynch. It. Was. AMAZING!!!

Sorry for some of the IG repeats. But y'all don't follow me there anyway so oh well :)

Anyhoo. The show was awesome. Keith Urban rocked it. Little Big Town was sooooo good even though they sang a bunch of their new shit, it was still fun to dance to.

Then Chris wound up driving down here randomly to stay with his buddy in east county, so yesterday after the picnic (which I'll get to), I went and spent the rest of the afternoon and night with them.

So let me discuss the picnic yesterday. First, let me explain that the Kappa Delta Foundation created International Women's Friendship Month for the month of September. Chapter across the country do all kinds of fun things to celebrate the friendships we have with other women and our sisters.

 For example, in my collegiate chapter we had a fashion show for the new members, which every sorority on campus got to participate in. A local boutique would donate all the outfits and dress the new members up and do their hair and makeup, and it was a big party. Super fun and cute. Well, the San Diego State chapter decided to put on a picnic yesterday for the San Diego Kappa Delta Alumnae Association. Keep in mind SDSU was, up until last year, the only school in San Diego that had a KD Chapter, but they just colonized one at USD. But, because they're so new, the large majority of the Alumnae Chapter is made up of SDSU grads.

I'm not going to hate on West Coast Greek life at all. It's not worth starting a conversation over. But I will say it's VERY different here than it is in the rest of the country. I also went to school in the city that hosts Kappa Delta's National Headquarters, so to say we did everything by-the-book (and very well) would be a huge understatement. It's also just more traditional in the South, in general. But I've hung out with these ladies here once before and while they're different, Lindsey, Brittany and I were excited to start getting involved (and I really want to be an advisor next year for either SDSU or USD). But yesterday was really disappointing. These women, who were 98% all graduates of the SDSU KD Chapter, pretty much sat around at a picnic being hosted BY their own sisters, talking trash about them, what they're doing wrong, and "reminiscing" on their college days (which happened like at least 5 years ago for most of them and was all petty and not at all classy or representative of what Kappa Delta stands for). I'm not saying my chapter had perfect Alumnae relations, but I can guarantee you that when we had anything with the local Alumnae chapter, we were not divided. We mingled. We talked about the things we needed help with or advice on. The whole thing Sunday was painful. The collegiate girls sat in a circle and non of the Alumnae talked to them other than to organize a group picture. Lindsey and I made ourselves stay for an hour, and then we bounced. I will continue to keep going to stuff, and I'll probably get involved, but rest assured when I do get invovled, I'm speaking my mind.

Sorry for the rant. But I hope those of you who were Greek in college can understand my frustration. This is why sorority women get bad reps.

Anyway. Hope everyone had a great weekend too, and yay for it being my BIRTHDAY WEEK! Can't believe I'll be 23 on Thursday................

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  1. The concert looks like so much fun!! For your cookies, I've read before on cooking/baking blogs that sometimes bakers will use clear imitation vanilla in recipes that need to be very white (like vanilla frosting). Maybe that was the issue? But, if they taste good, who cares!