Friday, October 4, 2013

5 (or 10) disorganized things on Friday: Birthday edition.

Haaayyyyyyyyyyy party people I'm officially 23!!!

To be honest, it doesn't really feel any different. Womp womppppp. Birthdays are kinda anti-climactic after 21, aren't they? But....I love any excuse to plan a party and celebrate something, and so far it's been very fun celebrating 23 :)

1) On Wednesday, I walked into work and was shocked to find this:

Camo and princess. My co-workers get me. And these were my presents (2): 

A 3-month birchbox subscription!!!! I love my glambag, but I was seriously torn between it and Birchbox, so I'm super pumped to get this little trial run. And then all kinds of silly camo and pink knick-knacks. And a printout of one of my favorite e-cards. It's very appropriate. 

I was so touched by that whole thing. My department is notorious for doing silly things like this for everyone's birthday, but I'm the new girl still and I'm much more broke (and younger) than most of my co-workers so I can't ever really contribute more than a little bit. So I really wasn't expecting anything. Let alone THIS. And the reason we celebrate my birthday on Wednesday was because yesterday (my actual birthday) was a going away party for my director. But it was a good day at work nontheless. 

Then, last night, me and my momma and two of my best girlfriends went to one of my favorite restaurants, Gabardine (yes, we went there for my mom's birthday back in February, too). 

I was not good on my diet. Do I care? No. And you will see why (3 and 4):

Brussels sprouts tossed in balsamic, gorgonzola, walnuts, and BACON!!! Thick, juicy bacon. Ughghkjshfkshfdsjf sooooooo gooooood. And those fries aren't just any normal fries. They're butter fries. That means they're cooked in butter. BUTTER!!! Why doesn't everyone cook their fries this way!?!?!

Sorry, I really shouldn't get so excited over food. Hence my weight issues (5).

Yep. Lobster and truffle mac and cheese. It was delicious. I'll be eating the leftovers for lunch today. My mom got their shrimp and grits, which are BOMB (especially for being made in so-cal), and Lindsey got shark, their catch of the day. It was delicious. If you've never had shark you're missing out. And my friend Nicole got the same thing as me.


I have great friends.

And a great momma (7).

And a pretty great friend-boy-thing-whatever-you-wanna-call-him (8).

And of course the best puppy in the whole wide world (9).

Basically, I'm very blessed. Even though I'm struggling with a lot right now, from my weight and my health to trying to get my career off the ground to trying to finally get my feet firmly planted on the ground as a contributing member of society, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

And I can't wait to spend tomorrow wine tastinggggggggggg my favorite activity!!!

So yeah. Thanks for the birthday wishes and I'll see y'all Monday :) I'm sure if you follow me on IG you'll get to see the hot mess express in action tomorrow!

BTW, does anyone watch Project Runway? It's one of my shows.

My favorites this season have always been Dom and Justin. Dom more for her gorgeous looks. There have been multiple times I've felt she deserved to win or at least be in the top and she wasn't. So I was so happy she showed the judges what she was made of last night and got a spot in fashion week (10).

I mean hello. I want this dress:

And this one:

Bradon's cool too, but I have no idea what his collection will be. Plaid? Yuck. I sure hope not. I just hope Justin is the one who gets the third spot next week. You can't not be touched by him.

Sorry for that random tidbit. But if you watch PR, you get me.

Now I'm off to do 30DS before work. Eff.

Anyhoo, have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Just 23? That's so young!! I turned the big 3-0 in May, so early 20's seems like a lifetime ago! Who worries about calories on their birthday? Definitely a good thing you enjoyed yourself! Your co-workers are so sweet! It's stuff like that that really make you feel good. Have fun tonight and enjoy your weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday! Every birthday is important and worth celebrating! My next birthday will be 60. I loved my 50th and I am looking forward to 60! Life is about living and celebrating our joys.