Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Worst weigh-in Wednesday of all time.

Gooooood morning fools.

Well I weighed myself this morning to find I've gained almost 10 pounds over the last few weeks and I'm back up to 193. I almost cried.

I haven't completely been eating like crap, but I've been drinking too much. I can admit that. It all kind of came to a head on Sunday when I day-drank to such an extreme that I got sick and burst a blood vessel in my eye. SO that looks cool. I also felt hungover for pretty much 2 whole days. I also spent ALL OF MY MONEY. What came over me, I'm not sure.

So now that that 2 day hangover is over, I'm starting fresh. I'm going to eat well, I'm going to work out diligently, and I'm not going to drink until I get back to Memphis the first week of May.

I'm really feeling down on myself and I don't know what's going on. I have these yo-yo fluctuations with not only my diet and exercise habits, but also with my self-esteem.

Sorry this post has been extremely depressing and not exciting at all. Praying that by next week I'll have magically dropped the 10 pounds I seem to have gained. Womppp wommmmmmp.

Pretty Strong Medicine
I'll leave you all with this GIF :)

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  1. I love the gif lol!

    It really sucks getting on the scale after being off track for a never feels good. good luck getting back on track! :)