Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life lately?

Hey fools. I hate that I'm averaging 1 post a week. I promise once I get on a normal schedule (see below) and get my gym membership I'll be a regular blogger oncemore!

Things at work have been great. I'm finally almost caught up on everything, I just have to get certified with some software and I'll be good to go. However, I'm still working my old schedule until my replacement starts working and gets fully trained--so probably until the end of next week. This is annoying because coming in at noon when my job now involves communicating with demanding meeting planners from all over the country means that when I do come in, I have about 40 emails from earlier on in the day wondering why I'm not answering them. And by the time I do finally get caught up on everything, that meeting planner may be out of their office for the rest of the day and I won't hear back from them until the next morning. And the cycle continues.

Sorry for the rant.

Moving on...

This will be the first ever Valentine's Day where I actually have a Valentine. OK, there was one year in college, but he worked til like 10 o'clock so we 'celebrated' by going to Red Lobster the night before. Class act, right here, y'all! This year the friendboy and I will be staying at a nice hotel in downtown and going to a Spanish restaurant that has a pre-fixe menu and a flamenco dinner show. I'm pretty excited!!!

And then on Sunday I'm hosting a Valentine's Day girls night. Basically just a girls night / dessert potluck, where the desserts are themed around pink and hearts. I'll try my darndest to be a good lil blogger and take pics (because I'm alwys so good at that...)

I'll definitely be making this Sangria:

It seems pretty simple--pomegranate juice, 7 up, strawberries and white wine (although I've never had the Apothic white blend, only red....can anyone attest to that being good???).

I also like the idea of making this red velvet sheet cake:

We shall see how it all turns out!

I wanna try and get crafty with some cutey little straw thing or something, but sometimes I wait til the last minute and just say eff it.

Anyhoo. I know this was all just a jumbled mess of nothing really important, so I'll stop now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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